Student Evaluations:

Your final grade is derived from the competency-based evaluation forms submitted by your team members. You are strongly encouraged to regularly review your performance with your resident and attending, in particular mid-rotation using the written Formative Evaluation Form for the Medicine Sub-Internship. This will minimize surprises on the summative evaluation.

Successful completion of the course requires participation in the night rotation and in all mandatory Sub-Intern Conferences (unless absence is excused in advance by Dr. Hood).

Sub-Internship Evaluation:

There is an anonymous, online clerkship evaluation that must be completed in order for your grade to be released. This evaluation form can be accessed through StudyCore under the Required Medicine evaluations. These evaluations are vital to the success of the Sub-Internship by ensuring adequate levels of teaching. This feedback is also helpful in resident/faculty evaluations and award nominations.

Subinternship Evaluation Form 2016-2017