Dear Student:

Welcome to the Medicine Sub-Internship.  All students (including those rotating in Jacksonville) are expected to report to Shands on the first day for a Clinical Skills Exam (CSE) and Orientation. Please review the tabs on this page for complete details on expectations, policies, objectives, and evaluations. Here is a rundown of your first day and some important points:

Orientation (typically after the CSE at 12:00)

Sub-I Director Dr. Chad Hood will give an orientation to the rotation in the Department of Medicine Suite on Shands 4th Floor, Room 4106/4107.  After the orientation, the Jacksonville students will be released and Dr. Hood will make arrangements for you to be introduced to your team.

Clinical Skills Exam (CSE)

You will be contacted separately by the Harrell Assessment Center and scheduled for a CSE, typically between 8:30 – 12:30. This CSE differs from others in that it is not a formal evaluation.  It is designed to expose you to common clinical tasks required for most internships.  Refer to the chapter headings of the attached Primer to the Medicine Sub-Internship if you would like to prepare in advance or if the CSE helped you identify an area where you need more practice.


Although guidance is continuously evolving, medical students will not be involved in the care of known COVID-19 patients or Persons Under Investigation (PUI’s) for COVID-19.  At presence, masks are required to be worn in the hospital and clinical areas.  If there are questions about precautions or possible exposures, contact Dr. Hood via email or cell phone:  (352) 262-6771.

Team Rooms

If you have a break in your day, you are welcome to stop by your team room.

STH-Gold:       Room 6504 (Ward 65, 6th floor)     STH-Cards:        Room 6528 East Tower
STH-Blue:       Room 6502 (Ward 65, 6th floor)     STH-GI:              Room 8409 North Tower
STH-Orange : Room 6434 (Ward 64, 6th floor)     STH-Heme/Onc: Ward 82, South Tower
STH-Red:        Room 8405 (Ward 84, 8th Floor)

VA-Blue:         H427-1 (Ward 4-East, 4th floor)      VA Orange:        H327-1 (Ward 3-East, 3rd floor)
VA Green:       J431-1 (Ward 4-West, 4th floor)      VA-Red:             J331-1 (Ward 3-West, 3rd floor)

VA Students

Here’s an online CPRS training class.

All students are expected to take this training before arriving at the VA (should be accessible from any computer and also available on the UF website).

The online student training only provides limited CPRS instruction that you may require.  An electronic 8 ½ X 14” pamphlet that provides quick reference CPRS information is provided on this website.  It explains how to access the VA Network and CPRS/VistA as well as information on Patient Selection and what can be found in the medical record on each of the CPRS electronic tabs.  This training is not being tracked, so we will be using the honor system. We trust you know that it is beneficial for you to know what to do in CPRS when you arrive at the VA and start working.   If you log in for the first time and your network account has been disabled for inactivity, you should contact Dan Harloff,  352-548-6000 x7756 or Naomi Nelson, 352-548-6000 ex 4706. They can then call the local OI&T Help Desk to get your network password reset.

 Jacksonville Students

Students are expected to participate in all activities in Gainesville on the first day before traveling to Jacksonville.  You should receive notification directly from Jacksonville regarding check-in and orientation locations and times.

Sub-I Conferences

  • Attendance is required at weekly Sub-I Conferences located at the VA, typically on Thursdays at 2:00 unless otherwise notified.
  • Sub-I Conferences will provide preparation for cross-cover and night shift coverage with a focus on plan development, including scenarios in the VA’s Simulation Center.

“Night Shift” Cross-Cover

Each of you will select two of your “Late-call” days over the course of the rotation where you will stay until 11:00 and assist with cross-cover.  Doing the cross-cover on your Mid-call day will ensure that you are not doing it at the same time as another Sub-I.  Students on Cardiology and Heme-Onc will do cross-cover on their own unique clinical location, and therefore may select any two nights during the rotation.  This is a requirement of the rotation.  Notify Dr. Hood at to let him know which nights you will cover.

Days Off

This is a mandatory rotation and your presence has an impact on your patients and your team. Just like the interns, you will receive one day off per week, on average.  If an emergency occurs such that you need to be absent more than this, you must obtain prior approval from Dr. Hood.  Failure to do so could result in an unsatisfactory or incomplete grade.   You must also notify your resident and attending.  Please avoid scheduling interviews during your Sub-Internship.  Your team and your patients depend on your participation.  Additional days off will not be granted for interviews.

Student Evaluations

Your final grade is derived from the competency-based evaluation forms submitted by your team members. You are strongly encouraged to regularly review your performance with your resident and attending.
Successful completion of the course requires participation in the night rotation and all mandatory Sub-Intern Conferences (unless excused in advance by Dr. Hood).

Please let us know if you encounter any problems. I really enjoy working with the Sub-Interns and I see it as my job to make sure that you learn, gain confidence, and hopefully enjoy yourself on this rotation. We are here to help make your Sub-Internship the most fulfilling rotation of your medical school experience.


Kathy Pipkins                         Dr. Chad Hood
265-0230                                Pager: 413-1718